How Can I Raise Funds to Attend the Ultimate Life Summit?

Below you will find information about online tuition-raising tools, for your use, to help raise funds for you to attend the Ultimate Life Summit. However, online is far from the only way to raise money so we have also provided various offline fundraising ideas.

Donation Request Email:
In July of this year, I hope to be a part of an incredible experience called the Ultimate Life Summit and am currently raising funds to cover the cost of my tuition to go. The Ultimate Life Summit is a one of a kind event where teens and educators from all over the globe convene to learn the 7 Mindsets to Live Your Ultimate Life. I would truly benefit from the Ultimate Life Summit in many different ways and am excited to experience this for not only my personal development, but also to be able to carry the lessons and mindsets into my local community.Will you please consider sponsoring me to attend this extraordinary experience? I would sincerely appreciate any support you could give! Please use this link <your personal link> to donate online quickly and securely. Your donation is 100% tax deductible. You will receive an email confirmation and I will be notified as soon as you make your donation. I thank you in advance for your support and really appreciate your willingness to help me attend the Ultimate Life Summit! For more information on the Summit, please visit

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Thank you very much for donating to my tuition to attend the 2017 Ultimate Life Summit! I sincerely appreciate your support and will be sure to share what I learned with you upon my return from the Ultimate Life Summit.

Thank you again!


If you would like to share a video to showcase a previous Summit, cut and paste this link into your email.

If you would like to share some testaments about the 7 Mindsets below are some links you can share.

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Offline ideas

As you know, today, social networking is a very powerful tool, particularly as it relates to local retailers. One way to use social networking to your advantage is to approach a local retailer. Ask them about a slow moving product or one of which they have too many in inventory. Ask them to work with you by donating one or more of those items to your trip or offer it to you at cost. Once that is in place you can hold a raffle where you sell tickets to your friends, family, teachers etc. You keep the proceeds from the drawing - that is of course after paying the retailer the agreed sum (which would be zero if the item or items were donated.) Of course the key is to getting the retailer’s support is to make sure that both you and the store benefit. As such you will want to let people know the store where the item is displayed and encourage them to go by and take a look.

You can do something similar at a local restaurant. Go to the owner and ask about the slowest day of the week. Ask him or her to designate that day as a day dedicated to you or your group, with you earning some amount of money from the revenue generated by the customers you drive into the restaurant on that night. Then you go out and publicize your night at the restaurant to all of your friends and family members. And ask them to do the same. You then volunteer to greet people at the door that night so you can keep an accurate account of the people who came in as a result of your efforts.

If you are finding it difficult to raise the funding on your own, maybe you should try a group. Obviously the place to start is getting a couple of your friends to attend the Ultimate Life Summit with you. That way, by working together there may be opportunities that are better suited for group fundraising rather than individual. A car wash would be an example, a weekly bake sales another, or selling goodies at school if they will allow you to do that.

Here are some links to different sources of fundraising ideas, many of which are for groups, although there are numerous individual fundraising ideas. The Magic Wand Foundation is not associated with any of them, but we think that they have some good ideas. As with anything, you should only consider the ideas that are suitable for you.

We suggest discussing these ideas with your parents or teachers before you begin your fundraising.

Here’s a link to a site where many people have posted fund raising ideas that have worked for them:

And finally, here is a link to a document created by someone on the 7 Mindsets staff that lists a variety of fundraising ideas. Enjoy!