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A Youth Empowerment Event Like No Other

The Ultimate Life Summit (ULS) is a unique, life-changing program for teens.  Over the course of five days in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, students learn essential life skills and success habits during morning and early afternoon seminars, and experience exciting world-class attractions in the afternoon and evening. ULS provides students with the awareness and success tools to become high achievers. Seminar topics include leadership, career exploration, personal accountability, and social responsibility.

The ULS is taught by leading experts in the field of youth empowerment, and attracts student participants from around the country and the world. The teaching style is extremely interactive and filled with hands-on activities, educational games, and real-world content that is relevant and age appropriate. ULS provides the framework for students to identify their unique strengths and talents, and to maximize their potential to live lives filled with achievement, passion, and purpose.

A major focus of the week is to guide each student in the creation and customization of their own written Ultimate Life Plan. Students leave ULS with a heightened sense of optimism, a positive attitude, success habits, unique life skills, and a personalized Life Plan that enables them to immediately take action.

Frequently Asked...

How many Chaperones are there? Can I attend with my child? What are the rules? Click here to find out the answers to these FAQ's.

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Venue & Transportation

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2017 Summit Guide

An 8-page PDF brochure with information on the 2017 event, the schedule, location, activities, presenters and more.

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We help students create their future through:

  • Discovering the critical components of extraordinary success and personal achievement
  • Gaining clarity of their strengths and deepest passions
  • Learning the meaning of personal accountability
  • Experiencing the networking, communication, and leadership methods of the ultra-successful
  • Techniques to create and maintain positive attitudes
  • Unleashing their imagination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Social responsibility and the importance of giving back
  • Taking purposeful action toward personal goals
  • Understanding the value of calculated risks, making adjustments, and rebounding from setbacks
  • Forming meaningful relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds