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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The Ultimate Life Summit?

The Ultimate Life Summit (ULS) is a unique, life-changing program for teens.  Over the course of five days in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, students learn essential life skills and success habits during morning and early afternoon seminars, and experience exciting world-class attractions in the afternoon and evening. ULS provides students with the awareness and success tools to become high achievers. Seminar topics include leadership, career exploration, personal accountability, and social responsibility.

The ULS is taught by leading experts in the field of youth empowerment, and attracts student participants from around the country and the world. The teaching style is extremely interactive and filled with hands-on activities, educational games, and real-world content that is relevant and age appropriate. ULS provides the framework for students to identify their unique strengths and talents, and to maximize their potential to live lives filled with achievement, passion, and purpose.

A major focus of the week is to guide each student in the creation and customization of their own written Ultimate Life Plan. Students leave ULS with a heightened sense of optimism, a positive attitude, success habits, unique life skills, and a personalized Life Plan that enables them to immediately take action.

2. What is the Life Plan and how will it help?

A primary purpose of the ULS is to facilitate each student’s generation of a personal Life Plan. The process of thinking and planning for one's future is rare at any level, and especially so for young people. While unusual, it is incredibly advantageous for teens to experience this life-planning process. Statistics show that people who think about and plan for their future ultimately achieve much higher levels of success.

With a clear vision of their Life Plan, individuals are more efficient in their activities, more effective in their choices, more determined to persevere and overcome obstacles, and less likely to make negative life choices. The process we take students through mirrors the habits of many high achievers. The first step is to take students through an introspective journey that will help them begin to uncover and leverage their talents and interests. Students also identify their dreams, aspirations and core values. Once explored, students begin to align these talents, dreams and values with synergistic paths for education, careers, relationships and social responsibility.

The final component of the process it to define the activities and action steps students need to execute today and how to review and adjust their plans in the future. All students take home their own Life Plan, along with a positive vision for their future. Additionally, they will have the awareness and motivation to take the appropriate action steps toward exploring and expanding their talents to achieve the lives of their dreams.

3. How are the instructors qualified to teach these lessons?

Lead instructor Scott Shickler is a visionary in the youth development field. Scott was an early pioneer with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship in the late 1980s, and has dedicated his life to the empowerment of youth. Over the last 20+ years, he has directly inspired hundreds of thousands of young people throughout the US and internationally.

All ULS instructors have been on tremendous life journeys with many successes and amazing experiences to draw from. As their careers have progressed, they have developed an awareness of the critical tools for success, and have applied those tools with great results in their own lives. Each instructor dedicates their time and resources to help young people maximize their potential and learn to live their Ultimate Life – one filled with happiness, passion and a true sense of purpose. For more information on our instructors, please click here.

4. What is the agenda for the week?

The agenda was designed to create a unique experience that combines over thirty hours of amazing life-skill instruction with lots of incredible, insightful, and fun Atlanta attractions. Students will remain engaged from morning till night.
See the Detailed Agenda.

5. Who should attend?

The Ultimate Life Summit is for teens interested in learning the proven habits and skills to achieve success in a fun, interactive and engaging setting. Summit participants must be 15-19 years of age at time of the Summit, fluent in English, open-minded, anxious to learn, interested career exploration, personal achievement, excited to meet new friends with like-minded interests, and ready to take action in order to live their dreams!

6. How much spending money will be required?

Rooms, meals, and all entertainment activities are included in the tuition. However, students will need additional money for incidentals such as snacks and souvenirs. (Click here for our fundraising page.)

7. Who will the attendees room with?

Students will be sharing a room with one other same-gender student in a four diamond quality room at the OMNI Hotel at the CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Each room has two beds and one bathroom. Chaperones will also be housed on the same floor as students.

8. Will chaperones be provided? What is their role?

One Summit Guide (chaperone) will be provided for every 10-12 students. Summit Guides will ensure students attend all morning seminars, as well as guiding them through the afternoon activities. Summit Guides will also verify that all students are in their rooms each night. Additionally, they will make sure each student checks out and leaves the hotel safely and on time on Sunday July 9th, 2017.. Parents will receive contact information for their student's Summit Guide so contact can be made during the week in the event of an emergency.

9. Can parents/guardians attend The Ultimate Life Summit?

The ULS is a program for teens; however, parents and other family members are welcome to stay at any local Atlanta area hotel. However, we encourage students to stay engaged in the morning sessions and group activities including all meals with their fellow students for the duration of the ULS from July 5th – July 9th.

10. Is airfare included?

Airfare is not included in the tuition of the Ultimate Life Summit.

11. What are the dates of the ULS? When should my teen arrive in Atlanta and plan to depart?

The ULS begins on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 and ends on Sunday, July 9th, 2019. Students arriving by airplane should plan to arrive at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport (ATL) on Wednesday July 5th between the hours of 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM EDT. Students arriving by car should plan to arrive at the OMNI Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center in downtown Atlanta, Georgia between the hours of 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM EDT.

Students travelling home by airplane should plan on departing from Atlanta Hartsfield Airport (ATL) on Sunday July 9th between the hours of 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM EDT. Students departing by car should plan on departing from the OMNI Atlanta Hotel on Sunday July 9th between the hours of Noon and 2:00 PM EDT. International students may want to consider arriving on Tuesday July 4th to avoid jet lag for a nominal additional fee. Please let us know if you have questions regarding travel plans. Students traveling via airplane will be met at the airport by chaperones and delivered back to the airport on the day of departure.

12. Are there any scholarships available?

There are a limited number of partial and full scholarships available for deserving students. Scholarship information is found on the Application page. If you have any other questions please email info@ultimatelifesummit.com

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